Stainless steel pepper grinder

$11.80 $15.73

Milling type: salt and pepper
Grinder size: 220 * 52mm
Material: stainless steel and glass

Application: Salt, pepper, spice grinding

Adjustable ceramic grinding mechanism:
By rotating the knob at the bottom, it is easy to choose the coarse grain of the seasoning from superfine to super thick.

An operation:

It's easy to use with just one hand. Great for fast cooking. It is also ideal for dispensing spices when you are busy with stewed meat, bacon or thrown salad.

High quality materials:

Made from non-corrosive, rust-proof ceramic blades, it is ideal for maintaining the flavor of spice soils. Through the acrylic window, you can observe the complete grinding process.

Bright LED lights:

Powerful and useful, you can see exactly how many spices you have added, especially in dim lighting settings. Suitable for food preparation.

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